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How it works

The QSP Bot is easy and intuitive to use. This is thanks to its advanced Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding capabilities. It also uses artificial intelligence to improve itself, the more users there are, the smarter it gets.

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Requesting your data

Before you can request data, you need to do two things. Request access to the QSP Bot so that an administrator can validate your account and assign you rights, secondly you need to open an application.

When you've done this, there are multiple ways to request data. You can simply request values, it will then find the closest matches related to your question. So don't worry about spelling mistakes, the bot will understand your intention.

You can also request the bot to give you an update about important KPI's within the application that is currently opened. Or directly request values with a selection, the bot will then also generate graphs for you.

The bot gives at the end of your data related question a direct link to Qlik Sense, to analyze your data further.

Making selections

When requesting data within the QSP Bot you can make selections. There are two ways of making selections:

Direct selection
When entering a request you can directly ask the bot within the same sentence to make a selection. After your request, the selection will be forgotten by the chatbot.

Fixed selection
Fixed selections can be made by specifically asking the bot to create a selection. Selections will be remembered by the bot until you ask it to delete them, or by opening a new application within the bot.


A core feature of the QSP Bot is the data-driven alerting system. This system allows you to make alerts for yourself, or if you are an admin set them for others. Every time the Qlik model is refreshed with data, the QSP Bot checks if your set value has been passed. If so the bot will notify you about this.

To create an alert simply type: 'Create alert'

Custom rules

Custom rules or custom reports are custom Qlik Sense expressions made by an administrator. An administrator can link these custom rules to a group of users, or one user-specific. Custom rules work across Qlik applications and are not limited to how many expressions you can use.

Use the timed feature, to automatically send the custom rules based on a specific time.

E.g. every Monday at 8:00 AM or every hour

Using this you and your colleagues can stay up-to-date, just using your phone. Sitting at a desk to gain insights is from the past.

The admin portal

Within the admin portal, the administrator can assign rights to the bot users, change the connection settings, assign users to groups, create alerts for bot users and of course custom rules. There is also a webchat integrated to immediately test the bot when changes are made.

It's in the admin portal where you can add new chat channels, it's up to you and your organization to decide in which chat application you want to use for the QSP bot.

The administrator can also retrain the bot, this will synchronize all new measures and dimensions since the last training.


The installation process of the bot is very quick. Simply run the application and follow the instructions. Be aware that before the installation you need to gather some information about the chat application you want to use, and about your Qlik Sense environment.

The whole installation process takes between 30 minutes and 4 hours. This depends on the security of your environment and the choice of which chat application you want to use.